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Naos Soft Armchair

Designer:Studio Adm
Collection:Adm Inspire
From the outside it envelops and protects, on the inside, it embraces and welcomes. An armchair that creates a double function visual effect, separating form and content, image and concept. With the new soft cover, the Naos armchair becomes dynamic and ready for action, but open to relaxation, warmth and comfort. A combination of provocation and aesthetics. Comfortable design and generous volumes characterize the Naos Soft Armchair. The soft, wrap-around interior of the overlay can create textures and contrasts. Different fabrics, two colors, two shades. The Naos Soft Armchair easily adapts to more formal or relaxed places.
Height: 40 35/64"
Width: 34 41/64"
Depth: 31 7/64"
Seat Height: 17 23/32"
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Choose the Type:
  • Todos
  • Pinturas
  • Tecidos
  • Tecidos Sintéticos
  • Tingimentos
  • Lâminas
  • Recouro
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