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Designer:Bruno Debenetti

Like the tranquility of a calm ocean and the feeling of freedom that the sea brings us, the Pacific office chair brings this concept to its product design.

Inviting, contemporary and suitable for long sitting periods, Pacific chairs highlight the structural office element as a backbone, the curvature of the shell expresses its function while maintaining a certain lightness. In addition to being designed to work in ergonomically correct areas, individual cushions can create different color contrasts and countless design options.

The chairs also have a robust metal base, creating a feeling of firmness and grandeur, in addition to being able to be painted in different colors, it also has a relax system for greater comfort.

The detail of the arm is due to the metal structure that surrounds the piece, finished with the wooden support that in addition to the aesthetic detail has the function and avoid cold contact of the metal with the human body.

Height:: 37 1/64" to 40 35/64"
Width:: 25 19/32"
Depth:: 27 9/16"
Seat Height:: 18 1/12" to 22 3/64"
Arm Height:: 26 3/8" to 29 56/64"
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  • Todos
  • Pinturas
  • Tecidos
  • Tecidos Sintéticos
  • Tingimentos
  • Lâminas
  • Recouro
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